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    ALWATAN Center is committed to the development and implementation of innovative, sustainable strategies for community reconciliation and transformation in the society and for the Palestinian rights. More

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    There are four key factors in our straegy of ALWATAN:-

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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Our Organization

Five Guiding Principles of Our Work:

Putting Our Values into Action

 We develop programs and partnerships that aim to:


1. A waken communities and individuals out of the narrowness of nationalism and ethnocentrism to a broad recognition of our common humanity, interdependence and shared longing for peace.

2. Build learning communities that investigate the causes, consequences and prevention of mass violence and generate interventions that advance justice and peace through nonviolent means.

3. Facilitate the development of social responsibility and creative peacemaking, grounded in compassion and strengthened by knowledge, skills, confidence and self-awareness.

4. Encourage the values and practices that support diversity and robust pluralism within and beyond our own societies.    

5. Create the conditions to transform enmity, faster social healing, and explore the opportunities for reconciliation and forgiveness within divided, oppressed and/or war-torn regions.



أجندتنا فلسطينية خالصة، عربية العمق، وهي امتداد لثوابتنا الوطنية الشرعية، نهدف إلى التخلص من الاحتلال بالمقاومة المدنية وبالأساليب الإنسانية المشروعة، والعيش بحرية وكرامة ورخاء، وبناء دولتنا المستقلة وعاصمتها القدس الشريف، ديمقراطية آمنة حـرّة.. عملنا وبرامجنا هي داخل المجتمع الفلسطيني وخارجه، وعلى ثرى الوطـن ومن أجل حماية مقدراته وسلامة أبنائه جميعا.

Photo of the Week

ALWATAN Center Photographers Participation in the Authentic and Comprehensive Photography Competition of Turkey - 15th INTERNATIONAL DASK DOGAY.. “The Nature Shoot-Out Contest”, May, 2011 Turkey.
- Nayef Hashlamoun
- Mona Omari
- Hazem Natsheh
- Firas Hashlamoun
Final Photography Selection in the competition:
- Nature:
Firas Hashlamoun
- Nature macro:
- Hazem Natsheh
- Birds:
Firas Hashlamoun






Your donations and campaign efforts enable us to pursue our mission and our programs in Palestine.

"We must be the change,

we wish to see".

-Mohandas Gandhi


ALWATAN Publications

Traveler's Guide

How to deal with people from other cultures

USA & Europe


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From our heart

"La paz es algo más que deseos! La paz exige que todos estén en el círculo de la acción"  Nayef Hashlamoun


Given the importance of the role of volunteers in programs of the ALWATAN Center, we always welcome volunteers and friends and foreign peace activists from all over the world, whether they are full-time in whole or in part to help and volunteer at the center in the Palestine, estimated position of mutual benefit to the work of these volunteers

Photo Gallery


Internships are available for students and non-students, and can be arranged for-credit with universities and colleges.  As ALWATAN Center’s staff is relatively small, interns play an integral role in ALWATAN’s projects and functioning as a cohesive organization.  Interns work closely with an ALWATAN staff member.  However, interns are expected to exhibit independence, creativity and self-sufficiency as well as to contribute their expertise based on their unique background. Interns must be able to dedicate 15-20 hours per week on average. Each intern will have his/her time split between research, programmatic support, organizational outreach and administrative tasks.

For more information, please contact us at: info@alwatan.org

Our Values

We at ALWATAN Center value from all Palestinian people their positive contribution to society and culture, irrespective of political faction, religion or social status.

-       We value the energy, creativity and depth of Palestinian history.

 -      We recognize and honor the strength and resilience of Palestinians.


-      We recognize also that the Palestinian people are living with the repercussions of more than 62 years of occupation and displacement from their homeland.


-      We value all human beings who commit themselves to non-violent action in the service of justice, peace, and the rule of good laws.


-   We honor those who have done so before us, who do so now, and all those who will engage in such effort in the future.


ALWATAN before 20 years

Tab Two

December 22, 2012: ALWATAN Photography course

New Photography course for the young people, at ALWATAN Center in Hebron. The Photography for Conflict Resolutions course seeks to provide a creative and peaceful framework for people to work through their anger and frustration, while learning the art of photography. Through creative education, the organizations seek to provide a means by which young people deeply affected by the Middle East conflict, can become proactive initiators of nonviolence and democracy in their own hearts, as well as in their communities. More...

Tab Three

We thank you for your support this year and know that it is you, in your own unique way, who is helping spread the understanding of Oneness, to create a global connection of Love, Peace and Joy throughout our planet.

احدى حلقات برنامج (شباب الوطن) من طلبة الإعلام في مركز الوطـن


U.S. Consulate General delegation visit ALWATAN Center

U.S. Consulate General delegation, MEPI Officer Amy Smith, MEPI Coordinator Jennifer Billings and MEPI Administrator Rasha B, Khatib during their visit to ALWATAN Center for Media and Development in Hebron, Palestine. on August 27, 2012. More photos

بدء دورة الإعـلام المجانية لمركز الوطـن:
تعزيز وسائل الإعلام الحرة، والحد من العنف ضد النساء، وتعزيز دور الشباب في العمل الجماهيري

مركز الوطـن بدعم وتعاون MEPI مبادرة الشراكة مع الشرق الأوسط

بدأ مركز الوطـن الدورة الإعلامية المكثفة لصحفيين وطلبة إعلام من محافظتي الخليــل وبيت لحم، وتهدف الدورة المجانية إلى تعزيز المهارات الإعلامية لدى المشاركين الشباب، والعمل بمهنية عالية، وبأخلاق المهنة، أثناء تغطية الأحداث في المناطق المضطربة، ودعم استقلال ومهنية العمل الإعلامي في فلسطين، والحد من العنف ضد النساء، وتعزيز دور الشباب...
إقرأ المزيد _____________________

يموّل هذا المشروع من قبل مبادرة الشراكة الأميركية الشرق أوسطية التابع لمكتب شؤون الشرق الادنى في وزارة الخارجية الأمريكية. المبادرة هي برنامج فريد من نوعه صمم خصيصا للعمل مباشرة مع المواطنين والاستثمار في شعوب منطقة الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا عبر إقامة شراكات حيوية مع المواطنين لتنمية مجتمعات تسودها التعددية والمشاركة والازدهار. كما تؤسس المبادرة علاقات شراكة مع المنظمات غير الحكومية المحلية منها والإقليمية والدولية ومع القطاع الخاص والمؤسسات الأكاديمية والحكومات.
للحصول على المزيد من المعلومات الرجاء زيارة موقع المبادرة:   www.mepi.state.gov


Mayor of Gainesville in USA visits ALWATAN Center

Craig Lowe Mayor of Gainesville, Florida in USA during his visit to ALWATAN Center and Hebron city with some members of Gainesville municipality, Cofrin Arts Center and Luminaries music team, on September 29, 2011 as they meet with President of ALWATAN Center Nayef Hashlamoun and they visited Hebron municipality and Hebron University.


U.S. Consulate General delegation visit ALWATAN Center

U.S. Consulate General delegation, Press Attache Arlissa M. Reynolde' and media affairs adviser Nasser Dais, and representative of the Cultural Department, and consultant of cultural exchange," Meral Syriac " during their visit to ALWATAN Center for Media and Development in Hebron, Palestine

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"We must be the change

We wish to see".

- Mohandas Gandhi

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Our goal is to provide our people with part of his needs, the best services and a real Media for the all about Palestine. We continue to drive forward with our dedication.

Quoted: Nayef Hashlamoun, President, Founder/CEO

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