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"La paz es algo más que deseos! La paz exige que todos estén en el círculo de la acción"  Nayef Hashlamoun


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Our Values

We at ALWATAN Center value from all Palestinian people their positive contribution to society and culture, irrespective of political faction, religion or social status.

-       We value the energy, creativity and depth of Palestinian history.

 -      We recognize and honor the strength and resilience of Palestinians.


-      We recognize also that the Palestinian people are living with the repercussions of more than 62 years of occupation and displacement from their homeland.


-      We value all human beings who commit themselves to non-violent action in the service of justice, peace, and the rule of good laws.


-   We honor those who have done so before us, who do so now, and all those who will engage in such effort in the future.


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Library and Publications

ALWATAN has a small resource library that specializes in nonviolence, arts, democracy, Conflict Resolution, media and communications, peace and human rights. There is a ceaseless effort to develop the resources of the library so that the center can serve the people of the region. It also aims at developing the “ALWATAN Mobile library”.

In accordance with the philosophy of the center, there are publications and books that are translated into Arabic. Effort is being made to set up a video library, and to produce media programs regularly in order to cover the continuing situations in Palestine. ALWATAN Center has maintained good relations with the local and international media.


ALWATAN Center Mobile Library in Palestine during an activity for villagers in the West Bank

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